cryptocurrency trading from WhatsApp

Logo December 10, 2021 at 2:16 PM | Gorkhali                  


WhatsApp provides a feature that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency through chat. The company has made this feature available to some users in the US as a beta version.

For this, the company has introduced Novi Digital Wallet under Meta. Last October, Meta unveiled the Novi Digital Wallet, which allows users to exchange money using Pax Dollars.

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According to the company, transactions on WhatsApp will be received as attachments. Which the user will immediately receive in the wallet. There is no charge for this. It is also mentioned that there is no charge for withdrawing money by sending it to the bank through Novi.


According to the company, it has been started as a pilot project in the first phase. The company plans to make these crypto features available to more users by making necessary modifications in detail.

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