What is Facebook Marketplace?

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Did you know that Facebook has a feature called Marketplace?

If you go to the three-line option of the Facebook app and the dotted option on the desktop, there is an option called Marketplace. There are different types of goods.


A marketplace is a place where sellers can display their wares and buyers can view their wares. There you can buy goods by looking at the goods and contacting the concerned seller. It is an online service that connects buyers and sellers.

Anyone can post and search for sales items here. As there are many users of Facebook, Facebook is a place to sell goods from the marketplace.


How does Facebook Marketplace work?

Facebook Marketplace tends to be different from the Facebook Shop feature. Facebook Marketplace does not allow transactions. It only serves to match the seller to the user who wants to buy the goods.

After the two parties are connected, they do business by discussing the payment process and address with each other.

It uses the following format when selling goods in the Facebook Marketplace.

1. Sellers make free product listings on Facebook Marketplace with photos of the goods. It also contains details and prices.

2. Buyers send messages through Facebook based on the same details.

3. The buyer and seller discuss the payment process and address.

4. After this, buyers and sellers meet physically and exchange services and products.

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How to access Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is already available on Facebook. Most of the time when you browse the Facebook website, you can see the advertisement of Facebook Marketplace.

It shows which items are on sale. Go to the main menu icon of Facebook’s Android and iOS and select Marketplace.

Is there a Facebook Marketplace app?

Facebook Marketplace is not an official app because it is integrated into Facebook’s Android and iOS apps. Unofficially, there are many apps for Facebook Marketplace.

What can be sold in the Facebook Marketplace?

It can sell all the daily necessities. It can sell everything like cars, toys, furniture, Blu-ray discs. Vendors can also advertise services such as massage, shower making, and cleaning.

What’s not to sell in the Facebook Marketplace?

Health products and animals cannot be sold in the Facebook Marketplace. Users are not allowed to add Wanted or Looking For.


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