United States planning a powerful laser weapon

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United States
The United States military is building the world’s most powerful laser weapon.
The laser weapon will weigh about 300 kilowatts and will be tested in 2022.

The weapon was developed by General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems and Boeing Company. It will be the size of a ship’s container and will be placed in a huge truck. It will be the most powerful laser weapon ever built. “Extremely powerful and small laser weapons will be the deadliest ever,” said Scott Forney, chairman of General Atomics.

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With its help, the drone can be dropped in the blink of an eye. This weapon has multiplied the lethality of the United States. Based on a multi-fiber laser, this weapon emits rays from a single beam and destroys enemy missiles.

As China continues to build dangerous missiles, the United States is developing various weapons to counter them. The U.S. military says it has developed a defensive laser weapon to counter the threat from the skies. It can destroy ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones, fighter jets and helicopters.

United States

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