Tokyo olympics: US defeat in gymnastics in 11 years

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Japan has won 10, the United States 9, and China 8 gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics.

The home team has taken the lead in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics in Japan. The score table 
had been in turmoil since Tuesday morning.

In the morning swimming, the United States took the lead by winning a gold medal, but in 
the women's 10m dive platform women's synchronized, Chen Zhui and Zhang Jigai won gold 
medals to put their team at the top of the table in olympics.

Jessico Parato and Danley Scanny of the United States won silver and Agundej Garcia and
Oroja Lojo Alejandra of Mexico won bronze. Japan has taken the lead in the table with 
10 gold medals by defeating the title contender USA in the evening softball.

The United States suffered a major blow on Tuesday. Simon Wiles Vault, the team's most 
important player, fell ill and lost to the United States for the first time in 11 years 
in the women's gymnastics team event.
Wiles, who had previously won five gold medals at the Rio Olympics, was expected to win
at least four or five gold medals this time around. The doctors of the American team 
have not made it official about him. Maybe the next day he was expected to return to the 
game. The Russian Olympic Committee won the gold medal after Wiles was eliminated from the 
event. The United States was limited to silver medals. Britain wins bronze.
Japan topped the list with 10 gold medals as all the medals were finalized on Tuesday. 
The United States is second with nine golds and China is third with nine golds. 
The Russian Olympics Committee has won eight gold medals.

The American swimming team was relieved after Lady Jacoby, the first American swimmer 
to be selected for the Olympics from the US state of Alaska, won a gold medal.
The U.S. swimming team was expected to be without a gold medal on Tuesday as it was 
in poor condition. In the men's 200m freestyle, Britain's Tom Dion won gold and Duncat 
Scott won silver. Brazil's Fernando Sefer won bronze.
In the women's 100m backstroke, Australia's Kelly McConn won gold and Canada's Kelly 
Mass won silver. Reagan Smith of the United States won the bronze medal.
In the men's 100m backstroke, Yageni Rylov of the Russian Olympics Committee won gold 
and Clement Klemenesov of the same team won silver. Defending champion Yarn Murphy
 was limited to a bronze medal.
The women's finalist also competed in the 100m breaststroke as a former winner,
 world champion and world record holder Lily King of the United States. After 
performing poorly from the first round, she was restricted to the bronze medal 
in the final on Tuesday.
South Africa's Tatiana Sonmakar, who set an Olympics record in the first round,
 took the lead from the start, but was eventually overtaken by 17-year-old Jacobie.
China has won a gold medal in the shooting team pistol on Tuesday. The Russian Olympic 
Committee won silver and Ukraine won bronze. China also won gold in the team rifle, 
the United States won silver and the Russian Olympics Committee won silver.
In the women's triathlon, Duffy Flora of Bermuda won gold, Taylor Brown of Great
 Britain won silver and Katie Jaffer of the United States won bronze.

In the men's surfing event, Italo Ferreira of Brazil won silver and Kano Igarasi 
of Japan won silver. Wright Owen of Austria won the bronze medal in that event.
 In the women's event, Carissa Moore of the United States won the gold medal by 
defeating Bianca Ruttendang of South Africa in the final. Japan's Amuro Suzuki wins bronze.
In the women's kayak final, Ricarda Funk of Germany won gold, Malian Chaurat of Spain 
won silver and Jessica Fox of Austria won bronze. Switzerland has swept the women's 
mountain bike clean. Jalanda Knopf of the team won gold, Cena Fry won silver and Lina
Andgano won bronze.
In the women's 59 kg weight category, Kou Hising Chun of Chinese Taipei won gold, 
Polina Gureva of Turkmenistan won silver and Andhe Miko of Japan won bronze. Gureva
 is the first Turkmen athlete to win an Olympics medal.
In the 64 kg weightlifting category, Marun Chaude of Canada won gold, Georgia Borington 
of Italy won silver and Chen Huwei of Chinese Taipei won bronze.
In the judo 81 kg weight category, Nagashi Takanori of Japan won gold and Saeed Molasi 
of Mongolia won silver. Belarus' Matthew Sise and Austria's Samuel Borasville won bronze.
In the women's 63 kg weight category, Clarice Ebgeneni of France won gold and Tira 
Teraszczyk of Slovakia won silver. Italy's Maria Santacricho and Canada's Pinarth Cathedral
won bronze medals.

In the women's taekwondo over 67 kg category, Mandik Milika of Serbia won gold and 
Lee Davin of Korea won silver. Lauren Antha of France and Valenka Balden of Great 
Britain won bronze medals.
In the men's over 80 kg category, Larkin Vladislav of the Russian Olympics Committee 
won gold and Dejan Darjisevsky of northern Macedonia won silver. Kyon Don of Korea and
 Rafer Banner of Cuba won bronze.

Germany has won one of the Equestrian's medals, which ended on Tuesday. The United States
won silver and the United Kingdom won bronze.
Tennis player Naomi Osaka, who is considered to be a gold medal contender, has been 
eliminated from the third round. Osaka was carrying an Olympics torch at the inauguration. 
She lost 6-1, 6-4 to Marqueta Varnosova of the Czech Republic.

The weak-performing US women's soccer team finished second in the group and advanced to 
the second round of the competition. The United States and Australia drew 0-0 on Tuesday.



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