Telecom’s fiber internet reaching 54 districts

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fiber internet
Nepal Telecom‘s fiber internet has reached more than 172,000 customers in 54 districts.

For the past three years, the telco has been providing FTTH (Fiber to the Home) service, which can provide telephone, internet, and television services through a single fiber. In which, more than one lakh 72 thousand customers from 54 districts have been connected till this Thursday, i.e. 28th of July. According to the telco, in 2075 BS, the total number of fiber internet users was 1,738.

fiber internet

When the number reached 2076, it had increased to 30,879. In 2077 BS, there were one hundred and seven thousand seven hundred and one customers and in the four months of 2078 BS, 64 thousand two hundred and ninety-nine new lines were distributed.

Nepal Telecom has been providing only voice and data services under FTTH service and has also been providing IP TV service under the NT TV brand since last December. Initially available only in Kathmandu Valley and Banepa, NT TV service has now expanded to Bharatpur, Hetauda, ​​Lahan, Tandi, Dhulikhel, Nagarkot, Pokhara, Sauraha, Butbal, Bardaghat, Baglung, Toulihawa, Sandhikharka, Bhairahawa, and other places.

fiber internet

Telecom has started providing fiber internet by replacing the previously used copper wire. Telecom believes that users can use it for high speed and reliable internet service. According to the telco, there is a plan to expand FTTH service in 65 districts of the country in the current fiscal year 2078/07.

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