Taliban orders male teachers not to teach female students

Logo August 30, 2021 at 5:36 PM | Gorkhali                  

It has been two weeks since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Taliban have begun to show their colors.

The Taliban has completely banned co-education in Afghanistan. In addition, an order has been issued that male teachers should not be allowed to teach female students.


The announcement was made by Afghan Higher Education Minister Sheikh Abdul Baki Haqqani on Monday. “We have proven that the people of Afghanistan are strong in defending their religion and their national values ​​and freedoms,” he said.

The youth have fulfilled their responsibilities in these matters. He said that now it is the responsibility of teachers and experts to play their role in building the country. Haqqani says “separate schools for men and women will be opened soon, following Islamic values.” He also promised to work to strengthen and develop the country’s political system and Afghanistan’s education system.

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He said women should not be taught by male teachers and the Taliban on Monday officially ended co-education. The Taliban’s decision will affect students who want to pursue higher education. Because most colleges and universities have more male teachers.


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