Syria seeks to repeat itself in Afghanistan

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Putting Afghanistan in Syria’s place, Afghanistan, like Syria, seems to be shrinking in the capital day by day.

Russia has said it will provide “limited military assistance” in the event of an attack on Uzbekistan and Tajikistan from Afghanistan, according to the Moscow-based daily Vedomosti. “This military assistance will include the supply of weapons, air services and the deployment of special forces, but there are no plans to deploy a major force on the ground,” a source close to the Russian Defense Ministry was quoted as saying.

According to the report, a security expert said that if the situation worsens, Russian action could be carried out in Syria, with special missions being deployed and airstrikes. He added that “limited use of improvised explosive devices will be used to prevent potential threats.”


Undoubtedly, Russia’s military preparations are moving forward at a rapid pace. About 2,500 troops from Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are conducting military exercises in Kharb-Madon, Tajikistan, 20 kilometers from the Afghan border, from July 21 to 26. About 1,800 Russian troops in the 25-strong force have been withdrawn from the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan.

In this regard, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Poplavsky of Russia’s Central Military District said, “The military threat is increasing day by day and the time is becoming tense and uncertain.” “The joint military exercise will provide information on our accumulated military experience, and we will work on a common strategy for proper military operations and warfare,” he told reporters.

In addition, a parallel Russia-Uzbek “strategic exercise” took place last week, which ended on Friday in the Amu Darya, on the Afghan border. Interestingly, Mikhail Teplinsky, commander of Russia’s Central Military Region, said the exercise was “based on Russian military experience in cracking down on illegal armed groups in Syria.”

Uzbekistan shares a 144-kilometer border with Afghanistan, which also shares borders with Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. That is, there are two trilateral borders. In comparison, Tajikistan shares a 1,357-kilometer border with Afghanistan, which is bordered by Uzbekistan to the west and China to the east.

Due to the remote mountainous terrain, border patrols on the Tajik-Afghan border are very difficult. In this context, the Russian-Uzbek-Tajik military exercise is focused on building a special group to combat geographical remoteness. The Russian establishment understands that the Biden administration is ready to create an environment of open military presence in Afghanistan to fight Russia as it did in Syria.

Moscow has serious doubts about US geopolitical objectives. Defense Minister Sergei Soygu recently slammed the United States. He said the United States, which had naturally lost everything in Afghanistan, was determined to gain control of Central Asia.


What does this ‘huge scenario’ indicate? The impending civil war in Afghanistan will create many influential circles. Bringing these circles together will lead to massive bloodshed and horrific internal displacement of innocent people.

Asharq al-Absat, a Saudi-based daily, wrote about the Syrian conflict: “Currently, the Russian military is convinced that the Syrian army cannot control all areas of the country due to lack of human resources, economic crisis, and foreign military intervention.”

That is why there is a “temporary solution” for Russia in the sphere of influence. That is, Turkey in the northwest, the United States in the northeast, the Free Syrian Army in the southwest, and the Iranian government in the Midwest.

What will the future look like when Afghanistan is replaced by Syria?

Like Syria, Afghanistan is shrinking in the capital day by day. Ironically, despite their rich cultural heritage, Afghanistan and Syria are relatively new countries. Naturally, Pakistan is resisting US pressure to keep its borders open and allow Afghan refugees to enter.

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In my opinion, the Taliban has shown great mercy to Pakistan, that is, the Taliban has closed the border to the Pakistani unauthorized occupation of Chaman-Spin Boldak in the southeastern region.

Pakistan has fenced off more than 90 percent of the 2611-kilometer Durand Line (Afghanistan-Pakistan border). A large number of CCTV cameras have been installed in the border areas along with modern technology. Similarly, Russia and Central Asia are relatively safe until Kunduz and Takhar are under Taliban control.

Occupying Nimrod in the west has helped Iran in border security. The Taliban have assured their neighbors of security. India is the only exception. India needs to be vigilant in this regard.

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