signs of insects on Mars at some point

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The Curiosity spacecraft sent to Mars by the US space agency NASA has found signs of the existence of life on the planet at some point.

  During the investigation, it was found that the amount of organic carbon (organic carbon) was found in the rock collected by the Curiosity vehicle, according to Metro News.

The organic carbon in the rock is thought to have belonged to an insect that once lived on Mars.

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Ancient carbon cycles have been identified after an analysis of the inner layer of rock collected from half a dozen places on Mars.

The collected specimens contain a “biological basis” that reflects the remains of microbes found in Australia 2.7 billion years ago.

Sources of carbon origin have been discovered from two stable isotopes in the carbon of the rock.

NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft has been exploring the Gaelic crater on Mars for nine years. Yan has been sending the results of drilling into the crater, which is considered to be about 3.5 billion years old, to the earth.


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