Question paper of the peace mission examination stolen from the police headquarter

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peace mission

Now it is confirmed that Question paper of peace mission examination was stolen from the  UN Department of Naxal Police headquarter. There was rumours before exam on Saturday that question paper reached to Some of students before the exam. and after objection exam was started with delay of 1 hour.

It was stolen from the drawer of Head of the UN Department.

According to a UN Department Head, the key to the pre-SAT question paper was in the possession of Superintendent of Police (SP) Anupam Shamsher Rana. “He went home with the keys. There was one key with another officer bom and sources said that he took out the question paper when everyone went home in evening.

According to sources, Constable Shah, who was working in the bureau while giving the pre-SAT exam, had asked Bam for a question paper. The source said, “It has been found that Shah also gave question papers to other candidates.

According to sources in the investigation committee, the stolen question paper is being investigated by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rupesh Khadka, Vasudev Pathak and others.

Only those who pass the pre-SAT exam will be allowed to participate in the final exam of the mission. From police constables to senior superintendents of police (SSPs) participated in the examination.

As the quota of peace mission from Nepal Police is decreasing, there is fierce competition in the selection examination. “It is difficult to pass the pre-SAT exam. SAT is easier,” said an official.

The question paper of the pre-SAT exam held in 2018 was also found to be out before the exam and another examination was taken.

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