Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has left the capital Kabul

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Ashraf Ghani

Afghanistan crisis: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has left the capital Kabul for Tajikistan, a senior Afghan Interior Ministry official told Reuters.

The president’s office, however, said that it “cannot say anything about Ashraf Ghani’s movement for security reasons”, according to the news agency.

This comes hours after Taliban entered Kabul from all sides. They, however, said that they will not enter the capital city by force. A representative of the Taliban said the group was checking on Ghani’s whereabouts, Reuters reported.

Ghani had earlier in the day said that power cannot be transferred unless the Taliban inform about President’s successor from their side, ANI reported citing Sputnik.

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‘Serious talk’ are underway between the Taliban and the Afghan government about the peaceful transfer of power while the US mediation is also present in the discussion, Sputnik News reported.

Ashraf Ghani said that power cannot be handed over to a group with an unknown leader, he also insisted that power will not be handed over unless an agreement is reached on lasting peace in the country, the source informed the agency.

Ashraf Ghani reportedly continues to insist on his terms for stepping down and has the situation under control with the help from the US, Sputnik reported citing a source.

The newly arrived US forces are working with Afghan forces to secure Kabul, the source also said.

Meanwhile, a short press release issued from the Presidential Palace said that there had been sporadic shootings in Kabul city but Kabul city was not attacked and the country’s security and defence forces along with international partners were providing security to the city and the situation was under control, reported Pajhwok Afghan News.

Moreover, there are negotiations going on in the Afghan Presidential Palace ARG to transfer power to the Taliban.

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