The phone rang, saying, “Your system has been hacked.” – Nepal Rastra Bank

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Nepal Rastra Bank
Nepal Rastra Bank spokesperson Dev Kumar Dhakal received an international call at around 7 am on Thursday.
The phone rang, saying, "Your system has been hacked.
The letter sent by the hacker the day before had gone 'viral' in the banking sector. That's why Dhakal hastily informed his IT department about the phone call.
Terror is now spreading in the banking sector by calling it a hacker's letter. The letter has threatened to steal money by hacking the systems of 16 banks including Nepal Rastra Bank. According to preliminary investigations, the letter was sent using a Russian domain.

The letter said that hacking the banking system and stealing money should not be taken as a 'joke'.
Seems to have emailed mentioning three people. Among them, spokesperson Dhakal and NRB assistant spokesperson Narayan Prasad Pokhrel have been emailed. Another to Anil Shah.
The email address of Shah, the chief executive officer of Nabil Bank, appears to be incorrect. Although Dhakal and Pokhrel are correct, they have said that the letter has not been sent yet.
"Everyone has been told to be vigilant," Dhakal said. "We are investigating."
After the letter went viral, the named banks have been monitoring the system by keeping employees overnight. The bankers said that the system is still under full surveillance.

The hacker allegedly sent letters to Nepal Rastra Bank, Kumari Bank, Nepal Bank, Nabil Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank, NMB Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Citizens International Bank, Sanima Bank, Nepal SBI, Everest, Nepal Investment and The name of Himalaya Bank is mentioned.
Nepal Rastra Bank

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