Modi become historic prime minister, debating maritime security for the first time

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is chairing a UN Security Council meeting on Monday. Modi has become the first Indian Prime Minister to chair the meeting together.

Earlier, PV Narasimha Rao had attended a meeting of the United Nations Security Council on January 31, 1992. On September 29, 1978, Atal Bihari Vajpayee attended the meeting as the Indian Minister of External Affairs. He had advocated for Namibia’s independence in the UN Security Council.

The meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Modi, saw unprecedented high-level participation from other countries. The main achievements of this meeting were the importance of maritime security, the basic nature of the talks, and the consensus on this issue.

For the first time, “maritime security” has been debated in the United Nations Security Council. Until now, only piracy and crime have been discussed at the UNSC. As President of the UNSC, India has comprehensively covered all aspects of maritime security.

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Earlier, Vietnam’s attempt in April 2021 and Equatorial Guinea’s attempt in February 2019 failed. Prime Minister Modi had proposed a five-point principle to draw up a roadmap for international maritime security. It was welcomed by all the participants. India’s role as a “security provider” in the Indian Ocean was reiterated. The meeting also discussed Prime Minister Modi’s Sagar and IPOI initiatives.

This was the first UNSC meeting to receive such prestigious participation. The meeting was attended by 10 ministers including two presidents, two prime ministers, and seven foreign ministers from India. This is the first time such prestigious participation has been seen.

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In 2005 and September 2000, the Russian president attended a meeting of the UNSC. His participation in the program, chaired by the Indian Prime Minister after 16 years, sends a clear political message about Russia’s importance in the Indian maritime security initiative.

The Permanent Representative of the United States is in Parliamentary capacity. However, the participation of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the most senior secretary in the US Council of Ministers, has sent an important message.

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India has ensured the interests of the entire African continent by inviting the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has helped develop coordination with African countries on maritime security issues. Prime Minister Modi had personally invited the AU President to brief the United Nations Security Council.

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