Me and you

Logo June 25, 2021 at 12:05 PM | Gorkhali                  

The only thing that I want
Is me and you
Together in the rain
With hands in hands
Just me and you
Somewhere beyond this world
With happiness and love
Me and you
In the sky
With stars and moon
Me and you
In a world with no boundaries
No religion no caste inequity
Just me and you
Not only in this world
Here after in heaven
Just me and you
Between the flowers that bloom
And birds that chirp
Me and you
Somewhere love outlives
And hatred get hurts
Just me and you
In the sun that shines
And rainbow that smiles
Just me and you
In the stars that twinkle
And the star that shoots
Just me and you
In my prayers
And in my dreams
Just me and you
In my eyes
And my heart
Me and you
Together till the end of time
Me and you
Even when everything will end
Something forever remains
Its me and you

✍️Zaufishan khan

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