No effort left to maintain peace and security: Sunsari Police

Logo August 2, 2021 at 1:01 PM | Gorkhali                  

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) SP Sanjay Singh Thapa, who has just been transferred to Sunsari district, held a meeting and interaction program with the district journalists at the meeting hall of the District Police Office, Sunsari on Sunday.

They have also expressed their commitment to take action without bowing to the party.

Speaking at a discussion and introductory program with journalists at the District Police Office, Sunsari, Chief of Police Thapa said that he would not sit idly by in Sunsari district and would take action to enforce the law.

Stating that he has not made any specific plan, Thapa said that he will implement the action plan of Nepal Police. He said that there was no fault in the district for stopping the smuggling, gambling and drug trafficking in the district. sunsari

During the introductory program, the journalists had suggested District Police Chief Thapa to work without any pressure or influence. Stating that he was sensitive in terms of peace and security, the journalists had requested Khatin Thapa to maintain peace and security without any influence or pressure.

SP Thapa, who has been transferred to the District Police Office, Sunsari, said that the relationship between the journalists and the police was like a nail in the coffin. The journalists who participated in the introductory program have suggested the police to cooperate with all to provide peace and security in the district along with drug control, traffic management and theft control in Sunsari.

Journalists have questioned the police administration for cracking down on drug menace in the district, tax evasion due to open borders and increase in police surveillance due to economic recession. , Pada Padi and other liquor smugglers are on the rise As the harmony in the society is deteriorating, the police administration should coordinate with all the weak areas and create an environment for the citizens to work responsibly to maintain peace and security in a planned manner. sunsari

Inspector Sanjay Singh Thapa of the District Police Office, Superintendent of Police Nagendra Karki, President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists Janakrishi Rai and other journalists were present on the occasion.


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