Israel fires missiles at Syrian airport

Logo October 10, 2021 at 1:20 PM | Gorkhali                  

Israel has once again launched airstrikes on Syria. Two foreign fighters were killed in the attack. Six Syrian soldiers were also wounded in the attack.

According to Britain’s War Monitor, Israel launched a missile attack on the airport in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Details of the deaths have not been released.


According to Syrian state media, the attack took place at 9 pm on Friday. Israel fired a missile at the T-4 military airbase. Six soldiers have been injured in the incident.

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Israel targeted a drone depot. An Israeli defense official has admitted to the attack, according to the Times of Israel.

Israel has already carried out several raids on Iranian-linked military bases in Syria but has never admitted to carrying out such attacks.

Israel faces a security threat from the northern border, so it continues to attack Iranian-backed military bases and the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah.


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