Israel bans travel to United States

Logo December 20, 2021 at 10:10 PM | Gorkhali                  

Israel has banned travel to the United States over concerns about a new variant of the coronavirus, the omicron infection.

The cabinet on Monday placed the United States, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, and Turkey on a no-fly list.

In Europe, Germany has warned that the fifth wave of covid-19 will not stop under any circumstances. Infectious disease experts in the United States, meanwhile, have warned that re-hospitalization could be a problem.

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South Korea has also instructed hospitals to increase their capacity as the number of critically ill patients increases. Infection of the omicron variant, which is considered highly contagious, is on the rise.

So far, omicron infections have spread to about 90 countries, the infection is on the rise in most countries.


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