Himalayan regions including Nepal are at high risk of climate crisis

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Scientists say the Tibetan plateau in China’s Qinghai region is at high risk of a climate crisis due to rapid climate change.
A team of Chinese scientists returning from a study of the region said the risk of climate crisis was high in the Tibetan plateau. The Tibetan Plateau extends from the remote northwestern region of China (Qinghai-Gansu in Tibet), the northern (Himalayan) region of Nepal, from Ladakh in India to the western region, Bhutan, western Tajikistan, and southern Kyrgyzstan.


Scientists say the East, Central, and South Asia region, where the Tibetan plate spreads, is at high risk of a climate crisis. Due to short-term gains, scientists have also identified “environmental barriers” and “ice towers” in Tibet, China, Nepal, and India near the Tibetan Plateau. The risk of climate change will lead to more and more natural disasters in the region and destabilization of water distribution.

A report released by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change on Tuesday said the Tibetan plateau is at risk of high flooding, occasional high rainfall, and high temperatures. Government researchers have found that high temperatures and high rainfall are increasing crop yields on arable land, greenery in arid areas, and rising water levels in lakes and rivers.

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“But in fact, the research found by government researchers, even if it made them happy at the time, will have to be paid for by the next generation.” Its long-term effect is being seen. According to a study by scientists from China’s Meteorological Agency, the region’s climate has taken a turn for the worse.


According to a study by Chinese scientists, temperatures in the Tibetan plateau have been rising by an average of 0.35 degrees Celsius a year since the 1960s. Annual rainfall is increasing at a rate of 7.9 millimeters (0.31 inches). The area of ​​some lakes in the plate area is increasing by 20 percent annually. Natural disasters such as avalanches, floods, and landslides have been increasing every year for the last 40 years.

Source: Al Jazeera

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