19,000 unsafe apps in Google Play Store, stealing your confidential details

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Google Play Store
The Google Play Store is considered to be the safest source for downloading applications for Android smartphones. But thousands of apps listed on the Play Store have been found to be threatening the security of smartphones.

Google Play Store

Cyber ​​security company Avast has discovered that more than 19,000 apps in the Google Play Store are insecure. Avast said the application had access to the user’s personal details and could be made public at any time.

According to Avast, such apps are making users’ personal details public due to weaknesses in the Firewall database. Firebase Database is a tool used by Android developers to collect user information. Usernames, addresses, birthdates, locations, and even passwords can be leaked from such insecure apps. Avast has informed Google to take appropriate action after talking to the developer.

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Such weaknesses are found in lifestyle, workout, gaming, mail, food delivery, and other genres of mobile apps, according to Avast’s study. According to the study, this problem is seen worldwide. According to a survey conducted by Avast Threat Lab based on 180,300 Firebase apps, 10 percent of the apps have problems.

The study concluded that users’ details were leaked due to incorrect configuration by developers. Users of the Android app are at a sensitive risk as personal details can be easily stolen. These apps could pose a risk to key business, legal and regulatory bodies, said Vladimir Martianov, a malware researcher at Avast.

Ways to stay safe from unsafe apps:

  1. When downloading the application from the Google Play Store, check the full details of the application.
  2. Don’t download such apps unless you feel safe.
  3. The details of insecure apps are not well written, so even paying attention to the name, spelling can be wrong.
  4. Don’t trust apps that offer rewards without paying.
  5. View reviews from other users before downloading the app.
  6. Special attention should be paid to the permission of the app.
  7. Do not allow the app to leak personal details.
  8. Using trusted antivirus software on mobile.

Google Play Store

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