Free SIM to students

Logo July 30, 2021 at 1:18 PM | Gorkhali                  


Rambha Municipality has distributed free Pathshala Close User Group (CUG) SIM to conduct online classes.

The village municipality has distributed such SIMs to the students and\teachers of seven secondary schools and one basic school in coordination with the education department.

Village Municipality Chairman Bishnu Prasad Bhandari said that the remaining one will be distributed within a few days. SIMs have been distributed to Hungali’s Janakalyan and Shrikrishna Gandaki Higher Secondary Schools, Sanahungi Higher Secondary School of Foxingkot, Amrit Public Higher Secondary School of Peepaldanda, Krishna Higher Secondary School Jheskang and Ravi Kiran Higher Secondary School. SIM Similarly, SIMs have been distributed for conducting online classes at Rambha Secondary School and Natural Basic School in Tahu. So far, SIMs have been distributed to 1,765 teachers and students. As the documents of Humin’s public interest Bhagwati Mavic have not been completed, the SIM will be distributed in a few days.

It doesn’t cost money for teachers and students to call within a user group. “SIMs with data have been distributed for conducting online classes,” said Bhandari. “We have received feedback from teachers who have made it easier to conduct online classes.” Branch Chief Meenadevi Acharya said. According to Nepal Telecom, it costs Rs 129 per cent for one month. It has eight GB of data for free. Calling within a user group does not cost money. Nepal Telecom official Narayan Ghimire said that it is not possible to call outside numbers. “Initially, you have to pay a lump sum of Rs 129 and when you recharge, you have to pay a lump sum,” he said.


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