Chinese billionaire Jack Ma in public after a long time

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Jack Ma
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, the founder of the Ali Baba Group, has appeared in Hong Kong after long. Last year, the Chinese government led by Xi Jinping investigated his company.

Jack Ma

Ma and his company, Aunt Group, were hit hard by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials. That was because of a speech he gave in October last year.

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Jack has been out of touch for a long time, especially after commenting on Chinese fiscal policy. It is alleged that the CCP had a hand in making him out of touch.

In the meantime, he has long since appeared in Hong Kong, Asia’s finance hub. According to Reuters, Malay is currently meeting with business associates there.

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Are mainly based in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. The city is also the headquarters of the Macau trade empire.

Jack Ma

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