China and Pakistan will not attend the meeting convened by India

Logo November 9, 2021 at 12:43 PM | Gorkhali                  

Concerned about the future, India has taken various initiatives since the beginning of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.
A two-day meeting of eight countries has been convened in Delhi. China and Pakistan have refused to attend the meeting.

Russia, Iran, and five Central Asian countries will attend the meeting in Delhi. The United States has been isolating India since it began talks with the Taliban to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. India’s concern is heightened by the growing number of anti-humanitarian activities in Afghanistan. Therefore, India is seizing every opportunity to discuss the future of Afghanistan.


India will host top security officials from seven countries in the talks starting on Wednesday. The meeting is aimed at finding common ground on counter-terrorism, extremism, and the threat of drugs in the wake of the Afghan crisis.

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According to sources, China has been invited to the regional security talks but will not participate in the meeting due to some issues. But China has said it will keep in touch with India through bilateral and multilateral channels on the Afghanistan issue. Pakistan has made it clear that it will not sit with India, calling it a destructive force.


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