Book Review — IKIGAI

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Book Review — IKIGAI


Authors — Hector Garcia and Francese Miralles

Authors — Hector Garcia and Francese Miralles

“Only those who remain busy want to become hundred” – Japanese proverb

We all want to live longer. We all want to be happy and satisfied all the time. Whenever we think
of Japanese, we imagined the old and elder people who keep on smiling. Almost everyone,
believe it or not, wants to be happy. But how can one be happy? Illness is another problem that
every human being has to face in life. It’s not easy to do so. You have to come up with different
ideas, so you could find the happiness that you are expecting. Well, the answer is in Ikigai.

I was hoping this book would be a deep dive into the “how” of ikigai. However, it’s more of an
introduction to a variety of different topics including: the Blue Zones, logo therapy, longevity,
flow, tai chi, yoga, resilience, and more. If you’re new to those topics, then this is the book for

The book is covering the sectors related to the art of living. We have different meaning of living
the life. Ikigai is also the same. In ikigai, people are linking it as the symbol of LIFE and that is
TO BE WORTHWHILE. Ikigai is different for all, but the common thing is- we all are searching
for our own. Ikigai is hidden in abyss in one’s life. They have to be patient to understand them
and keep on searching.


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In Japanese, ikigai is written by combining the symbols that mean “life” with “to be worthwhile.”

“Translates roughly as ‘the happiness of always being busy.’” (Note: I believe they mean “busy”
in the sense of living a full life vs. busy life)

“Once you discover your ikigai, pursuing it and nurturing it every day will bring meaning to your

“They have an important purpose in life, or several. They have an ikigai, but they don’t take it too
seriously. They are relaxed and enjoy all that they do.”

“One thing that everyone with a clearly defined ikigai has in common is that they pursue their
passion no matter what.”

The use of quotes, the real life experiences, the simple tone of words keeps the book from being
boring. The book talks about different methods of understanding the life.

1.  Be active
2. Relax, take it slow.
3. Don’t full your stomach.
4. Be in good friend circles.
5. Smile
6. Be in and with nature.
7. Always be thankful.
8. Always live in the moment and enjoy it.
9. Get the best shape for next birthday.
10. Follow the ikigai – OWN.

Ikigai is an incredible concept that can benefit many people. Whether you feel stuck in
your job, want to live longer, or just desire a deeper level of happiness and meaning,
finding your reason to live will help you. The ikigai summary seems to focus more on how
to live a long life than on ikigai itself, but some research on the topic reveals there are
multiple books on the subject to explore further. I’m excited to dive in and figure out how
not to retire and live happier and healthier!

Book Review

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