A new variant of Corona ‘BA 5’ has also been found in Nepal

Logo July 4, 2022 at 4:33 PM | Gorkhali                  

A new variant of Corona ‘BA 5’ has been found in Nepal. A new variant of Omicron BA 5 has been found during gene sequencing at Dhulikhel Hospital in Kavrepalanchowk. The hospital has sent a letter to the National Public Health Laboratory, Teku. “In one case, we received a letter saying that a new variant had been found,” said Dr Runa Jha, the laboratory’s director. We are looking for the history of the infected. ‘

Gene sequencing of the samples collected by Dhulikhel Hospital was done. According to the hospital, the new variant has not been identified yet. Experts say that the BA 5 variant is capable of spreading fast. ‘It has the potential to spread rapidly but is not fatal,’ said Dr. Sher Bahadur . Neighboring India has also been found to be infected with BA 5.

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Government officials say that there is a risk of a new variant as citizens enter Nepal through the border. ‘There are 10-12 cases daily at the border. The number of infected people has been increasing in recent days, ”said Dr. K.S. Chuman Lal Das.



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